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Updated: 4/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Athenian Military
  • All clear!
  • Athenian Education
  • Really?!
  • This is the temple of Zeus.
  • Athenian Women
  • Why are we not allowed to own property!
  • I don't know but we deserve to!
  • As far as Athens went their military was important as was everyones during this time. But the Athenian government was not as big about their military as Sparta.
  • Spartan Military
  • In Athens Women were not allowed to be educated. Only boys were allowed to be educated. They were taught Greek writing, about Athen history, and even about war, and they were taught a lot about there gods.
  • Spartan Education 
  • Now kids this is how you hold a spear!
  •  I have a question!
  • Athen women could not own property. They could only take care of their husbands property. Unlike spartan women they could not pick who they wanted to marry. And Athen women were not educated. They could not go to any school or learn anything.
  • Spartan Women
  • I am so glad I picked you!
  • Spartans had military as their top priority always. Athens would farm crops and kill animals for food most of the time while Spartans would destroy villages and take food from those villages.
  • In Sparta women were in a way allowed to learn. Just in a different way than the boys. Boys in Sparta were instantly taught about war and how to fight.
  • Sparta women could in fact pick which man they wanted to marry. And the men would just go with it. And in a way like Athens women in Sparta weren’t really educated either. They were educated but differently than boys. But they did have rights enough to own land and take care of it.