The boy who cried wolf modernized
Updated: 3/11/2020
The boy who cried wolf modernized

Storyboard Text

  • In a Best Buy down 1210 Caroline St NE there was a 17-year-old boy who worked there. He was hired the previous week and his job was to watch the store.
  • He had been told by his boss that if a Robber came to the store to rob something, he would yell "Robber!" and the other store employees would come and help him.
  • The guy was bored as it turned out. He'd been watching the store all day, and without any sales. He then agreed, after considering for a while, to play a little trick on the store employees.
  • He dressed up in all black and and wore a black mask. He ran into the store with an angry face and yelled “Robber, Robber!” in the store. Quickly the store employees ran to help him carrying bats and other things to stop him. As they came up to the boy, they saw he was laughing. Including his friend outside who was recording on his iPhone.
  • 2 Weeks went by, and a day with nothing to do came again. The boy repeated the same act, and the store owners came again to the call of "Robber!" and they found the laughing, with his friend once again recording.
  • Two weeks later, the boy was sitting in a chair, legs up, playing Nba live mobile. He looked up hearing the door ring, as a man walked in. He wore black and had a mask on his face, and held a gun. The boy hiding behind the checkout counter screamed, "Robber!!!!!"His uncle and the other store employees peeked out of their windows and laughed, thinking that the boy was pulling the trick again, and this time, they had outsmarted him.