My math comic strip
Updated: 5/18/2020
My math comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Oh god... I hate being an accountan I can't even find how much money we made this month...
  • Hey bro what's up ?
  • Nothing really just can't find out how much money we have made this month
  • Oh ok maybe I can help you what are the numbers this month?
  • Um well.. so far we have negative$ 500 but then we got a deposit today of $400 dollars so how will that work?
  • Oh that's easy so we had negative $500 dollars in the bank and now we got a deposit of $400 so you have to find how much money we have now
  • So now all you have to do is take -500 and add 400 add then you would get -100
  • Wow our company sucks we've been in the negatives for years....
  • I know !! Um.. where's my thanks?
  • right thanks..