Academic Dishonesty Storyboard

Updated: 10/13/2021
Academic Dishonesty Storyboard

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  • Tommy and Chuckie CheatBy Sanika Kotekar
  • I'll do the first five and you do the second 5. Then we'll swap answers. Got it?
  • Yep.
  • I got A, B, D, A, and C for the first half.
  • I got D, B, C, A, B.
  • You both get a zero for cheating.
  • Would you consider this cheating and why? I would consider this cheating because they knew that they were not supposed to work on it together and that it was something to work on alone.
  • Who is cheating? Tommy and Chuckie
  • How would you handle this situation> I would tell them that I didn't want to cheat because I could get a lower grade than I wanted.
  • How did they cheat? They gave each other answers and worked together.