Anna saves Mr.Kitty
Updated: 5/8/2020
Anna saves Mr.Kitty

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  • Anna's cat won't come down from the and she is trying to figure out a way to get Mr. Kittens down. She is standing 10 Ft away from the tree and the tree is 20ft tall. How far will she have to reach to get Mr.Kittens with a 25 degree angle from her to the cat using trig. She Finds out that 10 divided by cos 25+ 11. So she is going to have to reach 11ft to get Mr.Kittens down.
  • YAYYYYY!!!
  • Anna realizes she is going to need to use a lader to reach her cat. She now has to use trig to figure out what angle she needs to put her ladder to reach him. If anna if 10 ft away from the tree and the tree is 20ft tall she has to use cos. She fiinds out that cos-1(10/20)= 26.6 ft.
  • Once Anna got up on the ladder she noticed an apple that she really wanted to eat when she got down from the ladder. She has to figure out how far the apple is away from her. The apple is 30 cm taller than her her arm reaching for the apple makes a 10 degree angle. She is using trig again to find out how far away the apple is. She finds out that 30 divided by tan 10= 170.1 cm.
  • Anna rescuted Mr.Kittens and got her apple!!!!
  • Caroline Lee
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