Melnie and the letter
Updated: 6/10/2020
Melnie and the letter

Storyboard Text

  • \Melanie clasped the letter tightly in her hand, tucking it underneath her jacket to protect it from the rain. She could not let this letter get wet! Her parents just had to see what it said! She tried running very quickly through all the puddles from the rain. She jumped and hopped and was very excited to tell her parents. As all of this happened she fell in a fraction of a second and blacked out.
  • “What, what happened?” Melanie said as she saw an ambulance right in front of her. “You blacked out and slipped and hit your head badly. I was walking and saw it all.” A random guy explained.
  • We will need to take you to the hospital and do some tests.” The ambulance driver had said. “How about my p-p-parents.” Melanie struggled to say. “They should be on their way to the hospital."
  • “Hi Melanie. Are you feeling better!” Melanie's mom said happily. “Whatever. There's something BIG I need to tell you.” Melanie said excitedly. “I think we should save that for later. We have some tests to run.” The doctor said as he started moving me to a different room in the hospital.
  • *2 hours go by** “Hi melanie. Sadly you have a broken right leg and a fractured hand.” “Oh ohohoh- really? Oh my Gosh!” said melanie surprisingly.
  • “So what was the news you had to tell me?” her mom said. “Oh yeah it's really good!!!! I got into the PROFESSIONAL SOCCER CLUB AND it starts next week,” said Melanie with a depressing look. “Oh honey that's great but…”