Courtney Novotny - We Were Liars
Updated: 12/16/2020
Courtney Novotny - We Were Liars

Storyboard Text

  • Character
  • I don't understand how this can be possible!!
  • Setting
  • We're rich and perfect
  • Conflict
  • How could I let something like this happen?!
  • Cady is the main character and protagonist. She goes through a lot of ups and downs that ultimately lead to a sad ending. She suffers an accident in a house fire but loses her memory and has trouble learning what truly happened. In the picture, Cady is crying because she gets very emotional at times. She gets very confused and frustrated throughout the novel until she remembers what happened and struggles to cope with the truth.
  • Theme
  • This novel takes place on a private island known as Beachwood. This island is located in Massachusetts and is owned by the Sinclairs. The Sinclairs gather at the private island every summer. The island has quite a few houses, tennis courts, beaches and much more. The setting shows how rich and privileged the Sinclairs are. The novel takes place in modern time.
  • Cady and her cousins know that their family is not perfect and that there are a lot of secrets to be told. In an attempt to make their family love each other and be more thankful, they set one of the houses on the island on fire. Unfortunately, three of the children die and Cady is left with the guilt that she will carry on for the rest of her life. Her so called "perfect" family tries to ignore everything that happened but Cady will never forget what happened. 
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