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Lend-Lease Act and Attack on Pearl Harbor Comic Strip
Updated: 2/20/2019
Lend-Lease Act and Attack on Pearl Harbor Comic Strip
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  • By: Dung Tran
  • Axis will win
  • Allies will win
  • World War II started when Germany, Italy, and Japan declaring war on the Allies powers.
  • At the beginning of the war, the Axis powers didn't declare on the U.S so the people didn't want to participate in a war that wasn't for them.
  • We don't want to die in a war that wasn't originally for us.
  • We, the government, would like to inform you that we won't be participating in the Second World War, due to the lack of support and official war declaration from the Axis.
  • President Roosevelt of the United States of America
  • We can try to send something but you need to collaborate.
  • Due to the fact that Britain was an ally of the U.S and they can stop Hitler from crossing the Atlantic Ocean, President Roosevelt had decided help them.
  • We need help! If you can't send troops then could you send supplies and weapons?
  • Despite Congress's previous neutrality act to keep us out the war, the government had a meeting to pass a new act to allow the Allies to buy arms from us if they paid cash and carried them in their own ships.
  • But since we are allies with the U.K, a lend-lease act that will allow them to purchase our weapons without immediate payments and a group to convoy British ships part of the way across the Atlantic may also be formed if the war continue negatively.
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