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Present vs Past Comparison
Updated: 2/25/2019
Present vs Past Comparison
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  • I have a whole day of work ahead of me, and I need it to get my job done. Go on inside now son.
  • I want to play with the horse!
  • How are we going to seat the guests? We only have enough chairs for our family.
  • I have everything I need.
  • I'll help you out! I'll do the washing and everything. Don't worry, just go and rest.
  • I'm not feeling too well today.
  • Farming has revolutionized in Mr.Keble's lifetime. Mr.Keble mentions that the only power they had in his younger days was horse-power, whereas there is a lot of mechanical use in farming now.
  • Hello Sir!
  • Old Richardson
  • Shhh!
  • According to Mr.Keble, the average person's home today would be a palace to the greatest working men in his day.
  • Right, you can have it again.
  • Mother, I've had the cane.
  • Although people in the community didn't have too much money, they would not hesitate to help each other out. Mr. Keble's mother had a big family of her own but she would still help out the neighbours when needed and vice versa. Mr. Keble says the ordinary country folks were more friendly than they are now.
  • Let's chase paper planes!
  • Mr. Keble says there was strict discipline back then and more respect compared to now. If younger people addressed any authority figure differently than they were taught, it would be whispered where no one could hear them.
  • However, Mr. Keble says that things have changed for the better in some cases. For example, if it was ever a case between him and the teachers, his parents would back up the teachers. Children weren't given the benefit of the doubt.
  • Mr. Keble, along with other kids, had to make up games and entertain themselves. Without this, they would be very bored. Mr. Keble says games were not made for them back then, and kids "don't know how to play these days".
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