Story board #2 Literary Terms Analysis- Where the Red Fern Grows

Updated: 1/9/2019
Story board #2 Literary Terms Analysis- Where the Red Fern Grows

Storyboard Text

  • Protagonist: Billy
  • Good boy Old Dan.
  • Antagonist: Billy's Dad
  • No they are two expensive.
  • Can I get two hunting hounds
  • Theme
  • You will never be a hunter or have dogs.
  • Yes I will, you will see
  • Billy is the protagonist of the story and he really wants two hunting hounds and his family is to poor to pay for them so he buys them his self by saving up and earning money. He is 12 years old and loves to hunt with is new dogs.
  • "Our house, it lay in a strip from the foot hills of the mountains to the banks of the Illinois river in northeastern Oklahoma"(8).
  • Billy's dad is the antagonist because at first he doesn't let Billy get dogs and sets billy back by a lot. He is a farmer and is very busy on the farm.
  • "Although the old hound had no way of knowing it, he stirred memories, and what priceless treasures they were. memories of my boyhood days and the old K.C baking powder can"(5).
  • I think the theme is believe in yourself because you can achieve and complete any thing with a little work. I think this is the theme because no one thinks he will get dogs and be a hunter but he works towards it and later, becomes one.
  • "There were a lot of big sycamores in the bottoms but the one in which my dogs had treed was the giant of them all" (77).
  • This uses the term of setting because Billy tells where his house is in the country. He also tells what he has surrounding his house like the river and the mountains.
  • This shows symbol because when he found a hurt dog in a dog fight on his way home from work and it reminded him from when he was saving up for his dogs and put his money in a Baking powder can.
  • This shows imagery because in your head you can picture this little blond 12 year old standing and looking up a giant tree in the middle of a forest.