death scene
Updated: 6/3/2020
death scene

Storyboard Text

  • Nick
  • Gatsby
  • Tom
  • Daisy
  • Jordan
  • Nick comes out to East Egg to visit at Tom and Daisy's home. Gatsby and Jordan are also there. Tom appears tense about Gatsby presences. It is hot this day.
  • Tom starts to talk to everyone about how he is different because he comes from money. He references concerns about Gatsby making Daisy tense. We see an awkward interaction with Daisy's daughter with her nurse.
  • Michaelis
  • Wilson
  • Daisy makes a point about who should go in the cars when they leave for town. Tom in response switches the cars even when Gatsby says that his may not have enough gas. Strain in the air between the three (Tom, Daisy and Gatsby). Nick and Jordan are the bystanders trying to make piece.
  • Gatsby and Daisy driving away after hitting Myrtle. 
  • Tom, Jordan, and Nick showed up after the indecent.
  • The group gathers up at a hotel with the plan of taking cool baths and drinking mint juleps. Tension run high and words are spoken finally airing the issues. Gatsby admits to always loving Daisy and suggests that she never loved Tom. These are strong words and everyone is tense.
  • George Wilson admits to having locked up Myrtle and planning on forcing her to leave the area to get away from Tom. George admits this to Michaelis who never saw George to be so forward. George seems so sick and not knowing how to handle such a crisis.
  • On the way home, when Gatsby and Daisy drive by hit Myrtle and then keep driving. Tom, Nick, and Jordan stop to see what happened.