Unknown Story
Updated: 2/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • philosophies
  • I don´t want to be punished!
  • Inventions
  • Why´d it have to be her?
  • Dynasties
  • Come on son hurry up!
  • I´m going as fast as i can!
  • Please hurry up
  • Legalism: There are clear laws to follow and if disobey them you will get punished.
  • Abominations
  • Her daughter has been killed by a crossbow by a man who ran away and killed the daughter.
  • hurry up!
  • The dad and son are going to see if a earthquake is coming from the seismograph.
  • That guy pushed her into the water because she was not listening to him and she is starting to drown.
  • That´s what you get for not listening.
  • i feel you