Updated: 3/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • How the school started.
  • When was it built?
  • The school was built in 1961
  • How has it changed?
  • The school started when 4 nuns were called from England to come to Nathalia, in Australia and build a school. The school had 120 primary and 5 secondary students.
  • The 3 houses
  • St Elizabeth
  • St Clare
  • St Francis
  • The school was built in 1961 by the (FMDM) sisters. The reason for establishing a school in Nathalia was to provide a holistic Catholic education.
  • How we show our Franciscan faith.
  • Always show show your catholic beliefs and traditions
  • In 1977 the primary students of St Mary's were moved into a separate building and they named it St Francis, while St Mary's title was retained for the secondary college.
  • Motto and logo.
  • Thy will be done.
  • the houses system helps us build team spirit amongst the students in all year levels and staff. St Clare was from the family of Offreduccio, St Elizabeth was the daughter of Queen Gertrude and King Andreas, St Francis embraced poverty to live the life of gospel. St Clare is blue house St Elizabeth is red house and St Francis is yellow house
  • Our school has a commitment to ensuring catholic values are central to all our endeavors. We aim to educate students in Catholic beliefs and Franciscan tradition. In our school we have a prayer garden, paintings and artwork, we also start of the day with a prayer and in most of our classrooms we have a St Damiano cross.
  • The motto of St Mary of the Angels is "Thy will be done". The reason for this is because when the sister got the message her response was "thy will be done". The logo of the Dove is to represent peace and friendship which is what St Mary's is all about.