Updated: 12/1/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Typhus the huge crisis
  • The first known out break took place in a monastery in Sicily. This happened in 1489. Sicily is in Europe.
  • Typhus was caught by contact with fleas, mice, lice, or ticks.
  • Typhus was very deadly throughout the 1400's. It died down in the middle ages. However it made a return in World War 1. This time it was deadlier than ever.
  • Then the disease made a comeback during WWI. This is because the soldiers fought in trenches. Trenches would attract the rodents. Rodents would infect tons of people in the trenches.
  • The disease was brought to the Americas by Europe during the Columbian trade. They were brought by boat and quickly spread throughout the Americas.
  • However the disease did die down and became close to eradicated in the 1700's
  • RUUNNN!!
  • people reacted by being very scared when the disease hit the America's.They also reacted by dying!
  • Doctors made a vaccine after ww1so the decease would stop killing. People were less scared after. Some people today have a huge bruise on thier arm from the Typhus shot