The Hate U Give
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Hate U Give

Storyboard Text

  • Goon took us to the store. The reporter and camera man helped DeVante out of the truck.
  • I gave Goon the keys to the store and he finally got it open.
  • We all rushed to grab milk and pour it on our face for some relief. Goon, the camera man, and reporter head back out. Goon said he saw daddy looking for us and would tell him we're here.
  • We hear a loud crash and suddenly the store is engulfed in flames. We try to exit out the back door, but it's locked and the keys are in the front door. We band as hard as we can.
  • Mr. Ruben and Mr. Lewis hear the banging and run to the back of the store. They try to bust the door down, but they are unsuccessful.
  • Then, Daddy pulls up and quickly unlocks the door. Mom pulls in right behind him. Me, Seven, and Devante run out and try to breathe in some fresh air, while crying to Mom, Dad, and Sekani.