Parts of speech
Updated: 1/30/2021
Parts of speech

Storyboard Text

  • Nouns are better because we are the spotlight of every sentence!
  • Us adjectives describe you nouns, just like I'm about to describe you!
  • So a preposition tells s where the nouns are right?
  • That's right like an example a bear is under the cave.
  • WAIT! A BEAR?!?!
  • I'm just saying that conjunctions are always the bet to use!
  • When you have two sentences that are talking about the same thing then you should a word like and, or, but, DUH!
  • But how though?
  • OW!
  • We, the interjections, are now the world's best. For our dramatic effects on stories and daily lives. You can hear those interjections behind me right now.
  • AHHHH!
  • UHG!
  • WOW!
  • BANG!
  • BOOM!
  • Pronouns will be better to use because so when you have to mention the noun again, you don't have to use the noun's name but use her, his, it or them.
  • No! Adverbs are better because you always need to know how the noun is using a verb for more detail. OBVIOUSLY!
  • So I said to choose the verbs because they are the best and they ask how it's the best. There reason is because it tells us what the noun is doing, like if we didn't have verbs then the noun will be doing nothing, right?
  • Amazing, I now know more about verbs thanks!