Skits 2
Updated: 11/11/2020
Skits 2

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  • Because of what i did i was sent to jail.
  • I stole my moms jewelry and was caught after i came back a week later drunk and confessed that i stole the money and sold it to get money that i blew off while gambling. my mom tried to defend me in the police saying that it must've been a mistake but was surprised to find out that i did comit all these acts.
  • Why were you sent to jail?
  • This reminds me of when my grandpa finally came to visit me and my family not only was i surprised about the sudden visit i didn't even want him to be here because there were so many people looking my way upon his arrival
  • Hahaha must have been quite the shock to the people in the town to see hm but not as what you tld them he was
  • Hahah it sure was.
  • Alright seeya! we'll talk later
  • Oh would you look at that i have to go now!
  • Alright seeya!
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