famliy death
Updated: 11/22/2019
famliy death

Storyboard Text

  • what? how are my dad my mom and my little brother in my tv i saw them die
  • ha ha ha we got you good we didn't die their outside
  • oh ok but wheres mom and dad
  • mom i thought you died because i saw you dead in the tv
  • yes we did omg you thought it was us and where's your brother
  • no didn't your brother tell you it was a joke we bought a ghost from a halloween store
  • masters brother is sleeping again robot makes air horn sound
  • in my room
  • ahhhoh its my brothers robot its so annoying
  • Eustress=good stress*Getting a new Job*New relationships*Playing in a big gameDistress=bad stress*Death of a family member*Death of a pet*Not having money*losing a game