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magnolia allen- pd 3
Updated: 3/27/2020
magnolia allen- pd 3
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  • Troubles with Texas
  • close the borders these people are disrespectful!
  • aha they really think we care about their culture i dont care!
  • Rebelling Texans
  • Santa Anna can we maybe open our borders people are getting mad!
  • this is terrible treatment we need to open these borders!!!
  • The alamo fight
  • At first we were outnumbered but now almost everyones dead!
  • Many Texans were Americans and they never showed respect for Mexican culture or rules even though it was owned by Mexico. So Mexico closed it's the border to more Americans because of the trouble they were stirring.
  • Suprise Attack
  • people started to rebel against having closed borders and when Stephen .F Austin tried talking with Santa Anna about it he was arrested making tensions even higher.
  • Texan Victory
  • Well let you go only if you take your troops out of Texas!!
  • During the alamo fight Mexicans outnumbered Texans by a lot but almost all died yet Texans were determined to win the battle!
  • Take it or leave it
  • i think we can rest now Santa Anna, they havent come yet!
  • Sam Houston decided to lead Santa Annas team farther eastward once Santa anna thought he had caught up him and his troops stayed waiting for an attack but when it never came they decided to relax which is exactly when the Texans attacked!
  • Te-He they never expected this!
  • Houston’s troops attacked screaming remember the alamo and when Santa anna tried to flee they captured him and in return for his freedom demanded he order troops out of texas!
  • ohhhh FINE!
  • Texas became an independent state for 10 years and Americans needed to decide whether to annex texas or not. Many Texans wanted to annex it because it’d be another slave trade state but many did not because they opposed slavery. In 1845 texas was announced the 28th state.
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