Roman Dialogue
Updated: 6/15/2020
Roman Dialogue
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  • Life is great in the Roman Empire!
  • Not for all of us! What’s so good about your daily life?
  • Rome is an amazing place if you have money. For example, I can cook at home in my wonderful kitchen and have a good home cooked meal.
  • Well good for you! I don't have a nice kitchen in my house to cook, all I have is a small grill!
  • “Where do you live? I live in a beautiful and big house built of marble, it's very clean, and it is very peaceful because of the thick walls. I also have an atrium and an indoor pool!”
  • “What?! I live in a small crowded apartment, it is very dirty and rats carry diseases, and I cook on a little portable grill that could catch fire.”
  • “Isn’t the education just great? When I was a kid, I got tutored by my father. My parents wanted me to become a dentist, but I really wanted to become a real estate agent.”
  • “I wish I could become a real estate agent. I never went to school, I was just sent to work. I had to help my family earn more money because we couldn't afford what we had what we needed.”
  • “ I can’t wait for recreation! I’m going to the theater to watch a very interesting play and then I might go to the public baths for a massage. Are you going to watch the play today?”
  • “ Unlike you I don’t go to theaters and watch plays. I’m also going to the public baths, but I have a lot of work because you rich Romans have so much leisure and we have to do all the work.”
  • “Well I need to go cook and go shop with my slave, and then hopefully I will have a wonderful time at the theater.”
  • “Have fun shopping and at the theater. I’ll go back to cooking on my small grill and cleaning my dirty apartment, and if I’m done I’ll maybe go to the public baths. Bye!”
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