The Cask of Amontillado

Updated: 10/6/2021
The Cask of Amontillado

Storyboard Text

  • Montressor entices Fortunato to come with him to taste the Amontillado. It is revealed that he is going to get revenge on Fortunato.
  • My dear Fortunato how glad I am to see you! I have my doubts about a wine, Amontillado, and I would like you to taste it for me. Or I could go to Luchresi of course.
  • Baaaa heehehe! Amontillado! Hmm Amontillado! Amont... AmontilIado! I shall taste this wine for you. Luchresi is inferior to yours truly. 'Burp'
  • Further on... Yes nitre there is... How long have you had that cough? I suggest we go back. I will just have Luchresi test the Amontillado instead.
  • Montressor leads Fortunato into the catacombs and comments on his cough suggesting they go back, and that he'll just have Luchresi, someone who Fortunato very dislikes, taste the wine instead, which further pursuades Fortunato to stay.
  • The pipe of Amontillado, where is it... There is nitre? AghAGh Oof Baagh Ack. I shall not die from a cough.
  • Here have a drink... And I to your long life
  • Montressor continues to drunken Fortunato up, so he doesn't become aware of the situation. He also toasts to Fortunato's "long" life which is ironic because Montressor plans to kill him.
  • I shall drink to the dead around us.
  • Montressor chains Fortunato to the wall of the niche as Fortunato's drunkenness wears off. Montressor implores Fortunato to leave but it is ironic because he can't as he is chained to the wall.
  • One more time, I implore you to leave. No? Ok I must leave you.
  • Wheres the Amontillado!?
  • Montressor builds half of the wall that will trap Fortunato in. The effects of Fortunato's drinking have worn off and he realizes that he is being trapped. He screams but Montressor screams louder. Fortunato tries to convince himself that it is all a joke when in fact it is not, and then as a final attempt to be let go he asks Montressor for the love of god to let him out.
  • AAAAAAH! WOAAAAAAAH! Yes for the love of god.
  • Ha this must be some joke... It must be... He he haha... For the love of god Montressor.
  • AAAAAAH Ah AAAAAAAAAH! Have you gone mad!
  • Montressor finishes the wall after calling out Fortunato's name to no reply. His heart grows sick from the nitre... or from his actions.
  • It must be the nitre which makes my heart grow sick.