7th grader
Updated: 5/8/2020
7th grader

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no I better tell Chloe, or else the whole school will know
  • Hey Amy, have you heard Chloe.....
  • Chloe is moving to a new school lets have this time and say goodbye, she has been a wonderful student all year.
  • WHAT!!?No way
  • ......
  • Oh no
  • Soon the whole school found out with just one mouth
  • ......
  • ......
  • The next Day
  • ..........
  • Class I have an announcement today
  • Yeah, i didn’t really care because i was gonna move anyway, no one really even liked me or talked to me this whole year.
  • And yes i am homeless...
  • Yeah?
  • Hey, Chloe
  • Did you know, everyone was spreading rumors about you in the hallways and stuff
  • This shows that never let the rumors take you down always ignore it and do your own things and don’t let your grade interfere it