Updated: 5/26/2020
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  • What is Evolution?
  • Evolution is the change of characteristics of a species over multiple generations.But even with that description, how does it work?
  • The most well known example of Evolution is Darwin's Finches. A group of 15 species of Galapagos Finches, all with distinct beaks evolved to fit the finches environment and eating habits.
  • Two of the main components of Evolution is Natural Selection and Adaptation. Let's see an example of those two.
  • Change
  • For example, pocket mice from the southwest of America used to have a lighter coat of fur which serve them well when avoiding predators using Camouflage, but due to volcanic activity those of lighter fur were spotted more easily by predators, thus they had to adapt to their environment to avoid predators more effectively.
  • Adaptation is the change of structure or behavior of a species so it is better suited for it's environment. For which is part of the process of Natural Selection where the adapted species reproduces, thus consolidating the survival of the species.
  • However Adaptation and Natural Selection can't happen without some Mutation. Mutation is a biological change in DNA and the best example of this is the giraffe. Giraffe used to have short necks, but to reach the leaves of trees, Mutation, adaptation, and Natural Selection had to occur, thus granting them their long necks.
  • With all these factors in place, a species can also experience Variation. Variation is the difference in DNA. Depending on the environment, a species can variate as like the brown bear and the polar bear. Both Bears but with distinct difference from one another. Variation can also be individual, which prevents a mass of a species to die off simultaneously.
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  • And That's Evolution for ya, thanks for listening, I'm Micheal Simon, signing off.
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