Kevin's Adventure Through the Body
Updated: 1/26/2021
Kevin's Adventure Through the Body

Storyboard Text

  • Kevin the oddball particle never had too many friends in the room that he constantly floated in, all because he was white and green instead of grey and red. But one fateful day Kevin's life changed
  • The Giant who lived in the room where Kevin in the others floated, came in after a run and was breathing very heavily, and when he inhaled Kevin couldn't get away fast enough and was breathed in.
  • After being sucked in Kevin is flying down the Trachea on his way to the lungs
  • The End
  • Kevin finally reached the lungs but has no idea where to go so he floats around with the other oxygen particles until he figures out what he has to do
  • Kevin floats too close to the edge of the lungs and is picked up by a red blood cell named Steve who pulls him out of the lungs and begins to take him around the body through the circulatory system
  • Steve absorbs Kevin and they decide they will be friends forever helping all of the muscles in the body work, so that they can keep moving around helping out the other parts of the body. They lived happily ever after as the best friends ever