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Updated: 3/26/2019
omm story board
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  • Chapter 1 - Hope
  • "An live on the fatta the' have rabbits"
  • Chapter 2- Friendship
  • "Come on in and set down a minute."
  • Chapter 3- Violence
  • " He backed until he was against the wall, and curely followed slugging him in the face"
  • This quote relates to the theme of hope because in the story this quote was 2 men having hope in the future and it meant a lot to them.This shows us that Lennie had hope to one day be free and be able to enjoy what he loves which are rabbits!
  • Chapter 4 - Discrimination 
  • " Cause i 'm black. They play cards in there, but i can't play because i'm black.
  • This quote relates to the theme Friendship because this is what people say to welcome them. This shows us that candy was being friendly and trying to welcome in George and Lennie. That right tere is building friendship.
  • Chapter 5- loneliness
  • "What can't i talk to you?i never get to talk to anybody. i get awful lonely
  • This quote relates to the theme violence because usually violence is when their is physical content between 2 people. This shows us that curley just wanted to beat Lennie up because a dumb reason. Lennie fought back and turned into a big violent fight.
  • Chapter 6 - Death
  • "the crash of shot rolled down the hill and again"
  • ackThis quote relates to the theme because discrimination is when you judge someone in a rude way. This shows us how crooks is discriminated in the bunk house and how he feels about it. Thats why he is rude 
  • this quote relates to the theme because when someone is lonely they want attention this shows us that curleys wfe wants attention and is sad because she cant talk to anyone cause she gets in trouble.
  • this quote relates tot the theme because death is when someone dies. this shows us that george had to kill lennie cause he caused to much trouble.
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