The lady or the Tiger?
Updated: 2/2/2021
The lady or the Tiger?

Storyboard Text

  • In a country, a king decided to build a stadium and host every week a game were he would put a criminal in the middle of the stadium and make him choose between two doors. Behind one door, there was a tiger who would eat the criminal if he chose this door and behind another door, there was a beautiful lady that the criminal would be able to marry.
  • The king had a beautiful daughter who once fell in love with the gardener. She taught that he was the most beautiful man in the hole village, She knew that she could date the gardener, so they decided to keep it a secret from everyone.
  • One day, the king happens to find out that the princess was in love with the gardener and they were in the garden when he heard the news.
  • So he decided to lock the gardener in a dark room until the stadium was ready to greet him.
  • The day of the execution, the princess went to ask some questions to the stadium workers before the start.
  • In which door is the tiger?
  • In the left door princess!
  • In which door is the pretty lady?
  • ...