communal living
Updated: 11/23/2020
communal living

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  • good job!
  • Maslow's third level of hierarchy states the need of belonging "We all need each other in order to be happy". By talking with others, sharing thought and feeling online, watching movies together, and working as teams helps fulfil this need of belonging.
  • She finally learned.. good for her
  • oh wow look at Jane go!
  • Look at me! look at me!
  • I know! Go Jane!
  • Hey! remember you lack math skill, you won't do well in college.
  • Reflected Appraisal is another's view of us that affects how we see ourselves. I (Jane) was lucky to have more uppers in her closer circle.
  • congratulations Jane! you're going to do great in college
  • ahh I told you could do it! make us proud girlie!
  • You don't look good in those, college is not met for someone like!
  • *silence*
  • Jane became passive communicator because she doesn't want to be insensitive to others, as she had seen downers and vultures do. Jane really want to understand those she interacts with before being assertive communicator, just to avoid hurting feelings and conflicts.
  • I don't like what they say about me.
  • *Talking*
  • mhmm, okay
  • You boys are great soccer players!