Laws of Exponents Project
Updated: 6/1/2020
Laws of Exponents Project
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  • yay !!!!
  • Today Class !! We are learning the Laws Of exponents.
  • Laws of exponents is what we use to simplify exponential expressions. There are 4 Laws Of Exponents. Multiplying, dividing, Power of a Power Law, and Zero Law.
  • So an example could be a^m x a^n = a ^ m+n ?
  • With Multiplying Laws we Multiply and than add the Exponents.
  • correct !!
  • So an example would be a^m/a^n = a^m-n
  • With Dividing Law we divide and then subtract the exponents.
  • So when there's a problem like this (a^m)^n with exponents we multiply like a^m x n
  • Yes, Correct ! Now with Power of a Power Law when there is an exponent raised by another exponent we multiply the exponents.
  • Yes & last, but not least with Zero Law, anything with 0 exponent will always be equal to 1.
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