Ch. 13 - 21 Gostnell
Updated: 5/11/2020
Ch. 13 - 21 Gostnell

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  • Ch. 12 - The First Bomb
  • Ch. 13 - The Second Bomb
  • Ch. 16 - The Third Bomb
  • This bomb went off in the morning when all the heirs were holding a meeting about their clues in the coffee shop in Sunset Towers. The bomb made tomato sauce go everywhere and everybody thought somebody got hurt at first, but then realized it was only tomato sauce and not blood.
  • Ch. 21 - The Fourth Bomb
  • The second bomb was placed in Shin Hoo's restaurant before anybody was in there. It was blended in with the other cans around it and was labeled Monosodium glutamate and was set to go off at six-thirty. The heirs were eating breakfast at Shin Hoo's restaurant because the coffee shop needed repairs. Right when Otis Amber arrived, the bomb went off. There was a lot of damage in the kitchen and Sydelle Pulaski got hurt.
  • The third bomb went off during Angela's party. She was opening a present that Turtle was peeking into and when she realized it was a bomb, she jerked the gift toward herself so Turtle wouldn't get hurt. Angela ended up getting her face and hand hurt. Most of the heirs weren't there when it happened.
  • The fourth bomb went off in the elevator at sunset towers. This time, the bomber was caught and it ended up being Turtle Wexler. Judge Ford questions Turtle and finds out that she is protecting somebody, most likely Angela. Turtle also tells Judge Ford that she was at the Westing house.