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Updated: 1/17/2020
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  • I'm Kratos, I'm able to make 10 Keyboards or 30 Game controllers daily.
  • I am Mimir and im able to make 20 Keyboars or 5 Game controllers.
  • Somewhere in China:
  • we could divide the labor so we get the job done faster.
  • That's a great idea! Since you have the absolute advantage for Game controllers, you should work on that. I have the absolute advantage for Keyboards, so I'll work on the keyboards.
  • Thank goodness for economic interdependence, we can just buy parts from China and not have to manufacture them ourselves.
  • Facts! We'd be wasting time. Getting parts from China is cheap and very reliable.
  • The opportunity cost for every game Controller Kratos makes is 0.33 Game Controller.For every Keyboard Mimir makes, the opportunity cost is 0.25 Game Controllers, which is excellent! Having them specialize on one thing was such a good idea. If we keep going at this rate, the company value will skyrocket.
  • These American companies are putting in so many orders; we must have a huge comparative advantage. Labor and materials are cheaper; we specialize in these parts, so we make these parts more efficiently.
  • WOW, we were able to finish it faster than I thought. I'll head home, see you tomorrow man. BYE!
  • Get home safe man. We could work like this everyday. It'll make work easier
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