Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • Muhammad Birth and early life
  • Muhammad Prays in Cave
  • Hello Muhammad. My name is Gabriel. In order to go to heaven or achieve salvation, you must worship and obey the only true god.
  • Muhammads regection of polytheism
  • Only the God of Abraham should be worshipped and obeyed!
  • Muhammad was born in 570 in Mecca. His father died later after he was born. During his life as a child, he gained reputation for intelligence, honesty, and kindness.
  • Muhmmads teachings met with rejection
  • No! I reject your teachings!
  • Muhammad had a deep interest in religion. He periodically retreated to a cave outside of Mecca to pray. When he was around 40, he was praying, and he heard the voice of Gabriel. He said to go to heaven, he has to worship and obey the one true god.
  • Muhammads Journey
  • In 613, Muhammad began to preach that only the God of Abraham should be worshipped and obeyed, not the traditional tribal gods.
  • Muhammads last pilgrimage and death
  • Most Makkans, however, rejected Muhammad’s teachings. Makkah’s leaders did not want to share their wealth.They also feared that if Muhammad grew stronger, he would seize political power. Merchants worried that if peoplestopped worshipping their gods, they might stop their pilgrimages to Makkah. That would be bad for theirbusinesses. Muhammad’s monotheistic teachings also disturbed Arabs who did not want to give up their gods.
  • In 622, Muhammad and his followers left Makkah on a journey known as the hijrah (HEEJ-rah). Yathrib wasrenamed Madinah (also spelled Medina), short for “City of the Prophet.” The year of the hijrah later became thefirst year of the Muslim calendar
  • In March 632, Muhammad led his final pilgrimage to Makkah. In the town of his birth, he delivered his LastSermon. He reminded Muslims to treat each other well and to be faithful to their community. Shortly after hisreturn to Madinah, Muhammad died.
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