To Kill a Mockingbird

Updated: 10/11/2021
To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Mr Finch! This is Cal. I swear to God there's a mad dog down the street a piece - he's coming this way, yes sir, he's - Mr. Finch, I declare he is- old Tim Johnson, yes sir... yes sor... yes
  • He outta be out here by now
  • We better wait, Mr. Finch. They usually go in a straight line, but you never can tell. He might follow the curb- hope he does or he'll go straight into the Radley back yard. Let's wait a minute
  • Should we go after him, Mr. Heck?
  • Not runnin', is he?
  • Stay inside, son. Where is he Cal
  • Naw sir, he's in the twitchin' stage, Mr. Heck
  • Take him, Mr. Finch
  • There he is, he's got it all right, Mr. Finch
  • He's within range, Heck. You better get him before he goes down the side street- Lord knows who's around the corner. Go inside Cal!
  • Mr. Finch, this is a one-shot job
  • Don't think he'll get in the Radley place. Fence I'll stop him. He'll probably follow the road
  • Don't waste time, Heck
  • Sweet Jesus help him
  • For god's sake, Mr. Finch, look where he is! Miss and you'll go straight into the Radley house! I can't shoot that well and you know it!
  • I's feel mighty comfortable if you did now
  • Don't just stand there, Heck! He won't wait all day for you-
  • I haven't shot a gun in 30 years
  • You were a little to the right Mr. Finch
  • Always was, If I had my 'duthers I'd take a shotgun