Updated: 12/2/2020

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Storyboard Text

  • Plants create photosynthesis which creates oxygen.
  • Sunlight creates light energy
  • Photosynthesis is how plants use chlorophyll to capture the suns energy.
  • Did you know leaves are green because the plant cells contain chlorophyll?
  • Chloroplast is a cell that contains the green pigment and houses many other important cells
  • The chloroplast is where the photosynthesis and chlorophyll processes take place.
  • Chlorophyll is the green chemical that helps plants absorb light during photosynthesis.
  • Lastly, oxygen is created and released into the air. The cycle repeats.
  • STEPS!!
  • Secondly, the chlorophyll inside the leaf uses the light energy.
  • First and foremost, Sunlight will hit the plants leaf creating light energy.
  • Primarily, the light energy is used to change the water and carbon dioxide into sugar. To add on, Carbon dioxide is absorbed, thus oxygen is being released.
  • Carbon dioxide + Water
  • This means that Carbon dioxide and water use light energy to create sugar and oxygen.
  • Scientific Breakdown...
  • Light Energy
  • Sugar+Oxygen
  • Photosynthesis is extremely important because everyone needs oxygen to breathe.
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