The Odyssey Part 1
Updated: 1/27/2021
The Odyssey Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • TroyAfter the War
  • The Call
  • Ithica=Home
  • The Journey
  • The Journey
  • After Odysseus and his men successfully defeat the Trojans, their main intent is to return to Ithaca.
  • Helper
  • Along the way to Ithaca, Odysseus and his men raid the city of Cicones of their gold and resources.
  • Other
  • Odysseus and his crew encounter Polyphemus, a cyclops, who traps them in his cave. After Polyphemus eats 6 members of Odysseus' crew, Odysseus uses his wit to make a narrow escape from the cave.
  • The Journey
  • Athena: Athena is a helper because she watches over Odysseus throughout the entire journey. She was also on his side during the Trojan War.
  • Polyphemus: Polyphemus is an other because he imprisons Odysseus and his men in a cave. He also eats 6 of Odysseus' crew. Luckily Odysseus is able to stab him in the eye and escape from Polyphemus.
  • Once they escape Polyphemus, Odysseus arrives at Aeaea and meets Circe. She seems perfectly normal at first, but then she turns them into pigs.