Middle East Storyboard
Updated: 3/18/2020
Middle East Storyboard

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  • Hello!
  • Hi!
  • Hello There!
  • It is time to take over these territories and claim them for ourselves!
  • The Western Middle East comprised of the Ottoman Empire, and countries: Egypt, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria
  • Let us split up the land and share.
  • That is a good idea. Let's sign the agreement.
  • The Eastern Middle East comprises of countries: Bahrain, Cyprus, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen
  • French
  • British
  • The Europeans, who colonized the Ottoman empire in the 19th century took over territories of Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon-part of the middle east now.
  • I declare this to be Iraq!
  • Yay!
  • During World War 1, the French and British sent their armies to the Middle East and created the Sykes-Picot agreement.
  • The agreement allowed for the French to take Syria and Lebanon, and the British took Palestine and 3 Ottoman provinces of Mesopotamia.
  • The British then used the provinces to create modern-day Iraq. Now, Arabic is the dominant language.