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Science Plants
Updated: 5/5/2020
Science Plants
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  • Oh, Hello! I am just a little insect attracted to this beautiful petal. I also carry Pollen around
  • Stamen
  • As you will see, I am going to put this Pollen on the stigma of another Plant to help it reproduce
  • Stigma
  • Look! The pollen has travelled down the carpel and joined the ovary! Look at the seeds!
  • Pollen
  • Seeds
  • Ovary
  • Oh no! The petals and stamen (male part of the plant) wither and die!
  • But look! The ovary swells up and becomes a fruit!
  • Ovary swells up
  • Wind
  • The seeds are dispersed by wind, animals and their waste. As an insect, I also help by flying the seeds far away
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