The gift of the Magi

Updated: 9/17/2021
The gift of the Magi

Storyboard Text

  • Della is crying after finding out that she doesn't have enough money to buy Jim a gift.
  • Exposition
  • It is revealed to us that Jim also got Della a present and ironically he used his watch to buy a present for Della's hair.
  • Della figures out a way to get Jim something but she has to sell her hair for it. Now she is buying a watch chain for Jim.
  • Rising Action
  • Jim gets home and sees that Della cut her hair. Della also gives Jim the present she got for him using her hair. The present is the watch.
  • Climax
  • falling action
  • Resolution
  • Della and Jim put their presents aside and realize that they both sold the things that they love for each other.