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9th Grade - Taking Care of the Environment
Updated: 8/31/2020
9th Grade - Taking Care of the Environment
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  • We are destroying our planet because in the last 50 years people have used more resources than in the rest of history, but we can’t cry over spilled milk! We will have to change so that we can save the world.
  • Renewable energy will help to reduce pollution, but there are many things we can do. Let the cat out of the bag! What will you do to reduce pollution in your country, Sam?
  • We will start to design, create, and buy durable products. If electronic devices are more durable, people will buy and use less!
  • At the moment, electronic devices such as TVs, computers, and fridges have a short life. People throw them away and buy new ones. This creates pollution. What will you do to reduce pollution in your country, Jacob?
  • We will take the bull by the horns! We will recycle. In my city, we will start to recycle many materials, such as plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, and textiles because recycling extends the life of products and this reduces pollution.
  • We will make these materials into other things. In the future, we will have to reuse or recycle everything.
  • What will happen in the future if we don’t take care of the environment?
  • Come rain or come shine! if we don’t take care of the environment, the pollution will increase, there won’t be enough food and there will be more floods, there will be more polluted water and people will have more diseases.
  • I see eye to eye with you Sam! The planet will suffer great damage because we do not buy durable products, recycle, and use renewable energy. We are destroying our world because we do not take care of it. The ball is in your court, we all have to give a hand!
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