Spanish American War
Updated: 1/8/2020
Spanish American War
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  • Before in Cuba
  • In Cuba the Spanish were in rule, but...
  • We rebel!!
  • America! Help!!
  • 200,000 Cubans died
  • No! 100,000 Cubans go to camps.
  • The public and McKinly's response
  • No!! It is too much money
  • The Yellow Journalism believes that America should help the Cubans. They are struggling soo much.
  • The Cubans burn the American Plantations
  • The USS Maine - In Havanna Harbor
  • We must protect American citizens and property.
  • Bad Spain!!
  • The Cubans (right) try to get America to help them when Spain's Valerio Weyler (left) starts to put Cubans in concentration camps.
  • McKinley tries to keep peace
  • We must maintain peace.
  • Demands to the Spanish~ Compensation for the USS Maine~ An end to reconstruction camps in Cuba~ A truce in Cuba~ Cuban Independence
  • President McKinley disagrees and does not want to start a war. The Cubans start burning American plantations and try to persuade McKinley and the American public through Yellow Journalism.
  • King's decision
  • Yes. Yes.Yes.No!
  • War!!
  • American citizens blame Spain for the destruction of the USS Maine and the death of 250 American citizens.
  • End of War
  • The Treaty Of ParisSigned by U.S. and Spain in December 1898.The war is over.Spain recognizes Cuban Independence and gives the United States $20 million.
  • The United States gets Guam, The Phillipenes, and Puerto Rico/
  • Dewey, go to the Phillipines and attack the Spanish there if a war starts in Cuba.
  • Spain listen to our demands.
  • Dewey launches a surprise attack on the Spanish fleet in Manilla Bay, and takes out all 20 ships in 7 hours.
  • Spain agrees to the all demands but the last one.
  • On April 11, 1898 broke out.
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