Unknown Story

Updated: 9/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • You shall forfeit the use of that tongue with which you have cheated me, except for that one purpose you are so fond of — reply. You shall still have the last word, but no power to speak first."
  • ¨who is here¨
  • ¨HERE¨
  • ¨have me¨
  • "Hands off! I would rather die than you should have me!"
  • Her form faded with grief, till at last all her flesh shrank away. Her bones were changed into rocks and there was nothing left of her but her voice
  • One day a maiden who had in vain endeavored to attract him uttered a prayer that he might some time or other feel what it was to love and meet no return of affection. The avenging goddess heard and granted the prayer.
  • "Stay, I entreat you! Let me at least gaze upon you, if I may not touch you."