English 1984 project
Updated: 12/16/2020
English 1984 project

Storyboard Text

  • Run!
  • It's safe here! We're on your side!
  • We have make people to think for themselves. Then we will be able to change the society.
  • That's right, people will change when they wake up and think.
  • Winston is running away from the mechanical hound.
  • The society has fulled us!
  • ...
  • Humanity! Think and save the society!
  • ...
  • Winston meets Montag while running away from the mechanical hound. Then Montag explains to Winston that he is able to think and have freedom in the woods.
  • Montag talks about his solution of changing the society through people. Winston agrees to Montag's idea and helps him to change the society.
  • After the discussion, Winston posts a message that envoked people through TV, phone and computers so people can think for themselves.
  • The rebellion began when people aknowledged the truth behind the society. Now they were able to think, communicate and read.
  • After the rebellion, Winston, Montag and others with rightful mind formed a better society.
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