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Treasure tree
Updated: 9/1/2020
Treasure tree
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  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Clam
  • It was all of there birthdays and after they were done opining the presents. owl said that There was one more present so they all opened it and there was a treasure map...
  • Chapter 4
  • The four best friends set out to find the golden key the next day. They got to the river but it was so huge. So lance the lion pulled a tree. Once the got across they started looking through a Hay stack and finally they found the first golden key horray!!
  • Chapter 5
  • The four friends were looking for second key so they went to the beach where the beaver got his tail stuck in a clam the otter tried to make it laugh to open but it didn’t work so she got a feather and it worked and they found the second key
  • Chapter 6
  • The dog helped a butterfly get out of the web and Latin butterfly helped the four friends find the third key.
  • For friends saw these bunnies and ask them where was the key so all four bunnies started running in deferent directions but the beaver spotted out the difference so they followed the bunny with the fluffy tail and it lead them to the gate with the last key
  • They tried all the keys but none of them worked just then The owl came down and said you already found the key so the beaver said we should tie all our keys together so they did and They got in but they will never forget what the owl said friends meet friends .
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