Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • the next day I handed sara the essay at our lockers.than we walked to class and handed in our essays.
  • paper
  • when we got to class 5 minutes later the teacher calls me and sara up to her desk.she told both of us that she knew that I did the essay for sara. she told us that she would tell miss rose. We would not confess the truth so she was planning to tell miss rose after class.
  • ara starts telling miss rose that miss ed hade a pack of cigarettes in her desk and often do it in front of the class. Miss rose asks me if it was true.My heart was pounding. I open my mouth to answer, but nothing comes out. Then I take a deep breath, swallow, and say “yes”
  • after miss ed talks to us Sara makes up a plan that she would not tell me. She just said that we had to get to the office before miss ed.
  • He explained that I was Miss Ed telling him about how Sara and I cheated on our essays.We stare at the principal but don’t say a word.Miss Ed walks out and sees us. the principal tells miss Ed what we told him. With the most horrible face, Miss Ed says how dare you.
  • Sara and I stared at each other and I say “she took our phones and it was the end of the period but she was not there. We needed to go to our next class.”
  • I was too worried to say another word. my face turned red. Sara says “see what did I tell you Miss Ed has the bottle in the drawer”. There is silence for a few seconds. The principal opens his mouth and asks “why we were going through her desk.”
  • The principal questions our word. The principal makes a promise to us if we're lying we're going to be suspended for a week and if you were telling the truth we would-be students of the month.George and I both agreed. After a few minutes, the principal tells us that before we came into his office he had a guest in his room.
  • The principal said, “to really know which person is telling the truth, we will check her desk and your essay papers.”All of us walk all the way down the hall to Miss Ed’s classroom.The principal opens all the drawers in the Miss Ed desk and looks for the bottle but it was not there.Then Miss Ed hands over the essay papers. The principal reads both as fast as he could.He sees that the last sentence of each essay is the same.