Pro Comm Model Project
Updated: 1/17/2020
Pro Comm Model Project
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  • Hey bud! You look healthy, and we're almost done, but do you have any questions?
  • Sender: The Doctor
  • <- Message
  • Receiver: The Patient
  • That's right, he wants know if I have any questions. What should I ask?
  • I wonder if my friends are busy after... oh wait did he just say something?
  • Decoding
  • Internal Noise
  • External noise
  • Oops, sorry! Let me turn this off really quick
  • (Phone) BUZZ BUZZ
  • Actually I wanted to see if i need-
  • The Doctor is currently the Sender in this situation, because he is giving the message to the patient.
  • Channel: Face to Face
  • I was wondering if I needed to do anything after today, to maintain healthy??
  • Feedback
  • The patient is the Receiver in this scenario, because he is the one the doctor is trying to get the message across to and is the one decoding. He also experiences internal noise, because of his wandering thoughts
  • That's right, I need to mention the medication
  • During the patient's response, he is interrupted by his phone buzzing. This is an example of external noise in this situation.
  • Ethical Responsibility of Comm.
  • The patient then resumes his feedback, which is his question, and uses the channel method of Face to Face.
  • The Doctor recognizes the importance of his next message, so he thinks about how to address it. (Encoding)
  • Encoding
  • I need to make sure he listens, because it's important
  • The Doctor emphasizes and appropriately discusses the full truth to the patient. He uses professional diction & honest messages.
  • This is very important so listen up, you will need to take daily medications in order to help with your headaches. It's vital in helping the pain go away
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