The Babysitter Chapter 3 Punishment
Updated: 8/27/2020
The Babysitter Chapter 3 Punishment

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  • Why is she turning red and her hair is yellower
  • You you kids are so disrespectful and I Just want to...
  • Um... Amanda, I don't think she's a normal baby sitter
  • I don't want to show them... Your punishment is to clean up every single nook and crany in and out of this house
  • She's probably a monster from another place we have to get out of here
  • I really think she's up to something.. but it's not something a normal person would do
  • You better be done when I come back
  • that's impossible
  • Did you see her? I don't think she's even human!
  • Fine, but I promise you you're no match for me
  • You really thought I would just leave you? 
  • AHYA
  • You know what? I'm tired of you, lets fight
  • 10 minutes later
  • You kids are coming with me
  • That was soooo easy