Updated: 11/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Mrs. Grey, we just got attacked by a virus and it showed up on our computers! What are viruses anyways and how is it a cybercrime?
  • A computer virus is a type of cruel code or program which is created to change the way the computer works and the program also operates to spread from one computer to another. The virus works by linking itself to a working program that supports macros and the the virus is attached, and now it can proceed onto its code.
  • And how can we prevent the virus from attacking our computers?
  • Great question! There are many factors that can help prevent attacks relating to viruses. Some examples that can help prevent a virus from corrupting a computer are by using strong passwords, a firewall, and installing a popup blocker.
  • I just installed a popup blocker and made my passwords stronger!
  • I started to use a firewall.
  • And now the virus is all gone! And these are the sources Mrs. Grey used to find information for us!
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