king creons flaws
Updated: 3/15/2021
king creons flaws

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this storyboard is for king creons

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  • Hamartia
  • ¨father please listen and reconsider¨
  • Hubris
  • ¨the state is king¨
  • Peripeteia
  • my life is pointless my beloved is dead
  • King Creon doesn't like listing to others and we see that in the story how Ismene and Antigone beg king cream to bury their brother of when king Creon's son is begging him to not kill Antigone he's to stubborn
  • Anagnorisis
  • what have i done!!!
  • when anyone tries to talk to king Creon he doesn't listen he believes a king is the most absolute power and that since he has so much power he can never do wrong. even in the story when characters talk to him about what he's doing wrong he says ¨the state is king¨.
  • Nemesis
  • ive lost my son and ive lost my husband to pride.
  • the biggest turn in the movie was haimon going to Antigones burial place to rescue her but finds her already dead hanging
  • Catharsis
  • Creon walks back to the vault that holds Antigone but comes to find that his son haimon is dead along with Antigone dead hanging. creon is devestated
  • after the news spread of haemon and antigons tragic deaths, Eurydice of Thebes, haemons mother mourns his death she kills herself
  • in the end, Creon realized that he was to prideful he cared more about what others thought of him before his own family but it was to late his family has already left him and now hes all alone for making his mistakes