The Inuit
Updated: 10/3/2018
The Inuit
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  • Hello! My name is Bartholemu and me and my wife, Shanita, will tell you a little bit about our lives as the Inuit.
  • To survive, our tribe made many different things to help us do jobs that are part of our everyday lives. One of them are inflated seal skins. These help us catch fish. How we do this is we attach the inflated seal skins to our harpoons made of animal bone that help us catch fish and other sea animals, and we attach them to the fish or whale. This slows them down, as the seal skin increases drag, so the animal gets tired, and we catch it without hurting them.
  • Around 14-17,000 years ago, our ancestors came on the land bridge during the last Ice Age. When the Ice Age ended, we were stuck in what is now called North America.
  • We live in what is now called the Arctic ice fields. At first, our tribe didn't know what to do because the area we settled was very harsh, but then we found the many natural resources that are native to our area. Some of them are: seals, birds, squirrels, and caribou. Seals can be used for food, fat energy, and even harpoons when you blow up their skins. Birds, squirrels, and caribou can be used for food and fat energy, too!
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