Updated: 11/2/2018
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  • There are a lot of cracks everywhere and this happened mostly in rocky mountain
  • There has been an earthequake
  • This has affected the mountain by making them have cracks. This happened by when a rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault
  • This also has affected the rocky mountains to become more worse. This mountain was affected by an earthquake and it caused some of the pieces of the mountain break off.
  • This also affected the island that were together on the ocean but now they are apart from each other. When two plate tectonic break apart from each other it means divergent. This happens because it exists in the Mid-oceanic ridges
  • These here are the cracks shown in the whole world, in summary the earthquake has made divergent boundaries in the world. This mostly happened in rocky mountains and islands.
  • This may happen again but for now we will see what happens, Thank fo your time
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