Don't Drink Alcohol
Updated: 1/29/2021
Don't Drink Alcohol

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  • At the party
  • Try the alcohol NOW!!!
  • Ok, this is great!
  • The next day
  • My head hurts, I thing i'm gonna vomit, and I feel weak and nauseous
  • Try to drink more.
  • In the kitchen
  • Idk bro
  • I tried to drink more, I still hurt. Whats wrong with me?
  • Marcus is giving Jamie peer pressure, because he is trying to get Jamie to drink alcohol.
  • 3 days later
  • bro I dont feel good, take me to the ER
  • The next day Jamie woke up vomiting, with a headache, feeling weak and nauseous. Marcus had no idea what was wrong with Jamie.
  • You have alcohol poisoning and you might not make it due to how long you have been drinking
  • After Jamie drank more he felt worse. After a little bit of research Marcus and Jamie found out Jamie was experiencing a hangover. But neither of them knew a way to solve it.
  • At the cemetary
  • After Jamie kept drinking for 3 days straight, he felt the worst he has ever felt. So he eventually asked Marcus to take him to the ER to figure out what was wrong,
  • Alright, lets go!
  • The doctor told Jamie he had alcohol poising, which is when there is a lot of alcohol in your bloodstream, and he might not make it
  • Jamie unfortunately past away due to all the alcohol in his blood stream